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How Skimping on Sleep Affects Your Work

October 6, 2019

Words by Ashlee Trout

A lack of quality sleep might be the reason you are struggling to focus at work. According to the Medical Journal of Australia, chronic sleep deficiency is widespread, with many finding it hard to ‘switch off’.

This, researchers say, is detrimental to having a restful sleep, leading to exhaustion and directly affecting your work performance and productivity. Though the amount of required sleep varies from person to person, all people

need to spend part of each night in a state of deep sleep, known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep is the deepest phase of our sleep cycle, in which the areas of our brain associated with recall and memory are recharged and activated.

REM sleep aids in preventing brain fog, helping you to stay sharp at work and ensuring you make proficient decisions. Often, when we do not get enough REM sleep, we can feel as though we haven’t slept at all. Reasons for restlessness that prevent REM sleep can range from

chronic insomnia to ill-advised Netflix binges. Whatever the cause, a lack of sleep can’t just be reversed by a quick nap during lunch.

Instead, commit yourself to a regular sleeping pattern that will regulate your natural circadian rhythm and help your body recharge with regular, consistent REM sleep. Listening to your body and understanding what you need when it comes to sleep will improve your performance, by creating a healthier and more focused you.   

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