Better than Vino: The apps to help you Unwind after Work

Words By Ruby Staley Even for the least stressful of jobs, carving out time for mindfulness after you clock out is always beneficial. Whether you’re an experienced yogi, need some help getting to sleep or just need a moment to stop racing thoughts, we’ve got just the apps to help you tap into your best self – mentally. Making it easy as a click of a button to switch off for some much-needed introspection and after work me-time, just download any of these apps and be guided towards your new best self. Calm The number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Calm will help you do just what the name promises. With unique bedtime stories narrated by some of your favourite voices including Harry Styles and Bob Ross and over one hundred mindfulness meditations to listen to, Calm has something to suit any relaxation preference. Smiling Mind On an ambitious mission to improve the mental health epidemic among young people, Smiling Mind has been utilised in schools, workplaces and at home and is praised for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress levels in its users, improve concentration, productivity and help emotion regulation. Keeping things simple, the app only asks for ten minutes of use daily and emphasises the importance of having a ritual when it comes to meditation and mindfulness.  Bloom Strategies for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and anger, sleeping better and settling an overactive mind is at the core of Bloom’s offerings. While meditation is the apps main focus, Bloom also offers users helpful strategies, daily astrology and mindful colouring. Centred around a blooming lotus’, with each meditation completed, a new lotus will be added to your growth tree so you can keep track of your progress.  Headspace With the aim to teach meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible – Headspace offers activities and strategies for the five categories; Sleep, Meditate, Move, Wake Up, Focus. Keeping track of how often you meditate and creating streaks when you complete them daily helps users to build consistency, optimise results and create long-lasting habits. In addition to meditation, Headspace encourages movement through the guided series as well as soundscapes and sleep music to help you with your sleeping needs. Wellweb  New to the mindfulness scene, Wellweb is a fantastic site for learning about relaxation and introspection practices. Created by the original founders of Bloom, the new video streaming platform contains hundreds of educational tools in areas such as mindfulness, movement, parenting, nutrition and more.

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