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Creating a Capsule Work Wardrobe

October 7, 2019

Words by Stephanie Vigilante | Image credit Mango

Waking up in the morning for work is hard enough, add the pressure of deciding on an outfit and it’s even more difficult. If you’re looking to pare down your possessions, become more sustainable, or just want to speed up time in the morning, a capsule wardrobe might be the solution. The small rotating collection of quality, stylish and functional pieces retains the key mix-and-match methodology. Keep cool, stay stylish and be comfortable this summer. Here’s how your minimal wardrobe can get you through the warmer weather.

Quality over quantity

When deciding on the core garments of your collection, include quality pieces that will take you from the start to the end of the season. Think linens, satins,

and breathable cotton. Remember, one $100 pair of tailored pants is better than five ill-fitting $20 pairs.

Avoid bold colours and patterns

Sticking to a neutral colour palette is important to get your garments to work together. While summer can encourage bright colours and florals, they are usually difficult to match with your limited wardrobe. We suggest black, white, grey, nude, and muted primary colours including sand, denim-blue and brick-red colourways. Handbags in grey or nude are key to matching with all outfits.


While your wardrobe may be subdued it doesn’t mean your accessories need to be. Pair a monochrome outfit with bold sunglasses, jewellery or shoes. It’ll add

flare and allow you to show your personality in a subtler way.

Mix and match

Select garments that will complement at least three other items.

This will make your morning decision-making easier and reduce the number of pieces in your capsule collection. We suggest six shirts, five bottoms, two jackets/ cardigans, two dresses and six pairs of shoes.

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