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Why everyone Louvre’s Emily in Paris and her work ethic

October 18, 2020

Words by Alsha Coppolina.

She’s the most watched on Netflix across the globe right now.

It could be that Emily takes us on an adventure to the city of love at a time when travel seems like a distant memory, or that we can all relate to stumbling our way through a new job – whatever it is, she’s the most watched on Netflix across the globe right now.

From the creator of Sex and the City, the new series follows the young woman as she packs up her life in Chicago and moves to Paris without knowing how to speak French – sounds fun right? While many might say she’s a tad annoying, the series is simply addictive.

After binging the new comedy-drama like most of Netflix’s subscribers, it’s obvious that Emily has a great work ethic. From showing up to the Parisian office hours before her colleagues, to not shying away from offering her mostly unpopular opinion, her hard-working attitude is something we can all aspire to. 

It is also no surprise that 85% of employers are always on the hunt for staff who have exceptional work ethic and can-do attitude. 

Emily starts off as a marketing executive before becoming a creative director for luxury French brands. Her social media presence soon skyrockets and she finds herself influencing. She overcomes some office politics and continually stands up for herself, even to her boss Sylvie. Reiterating there is “no I in team,” 

Emily’s positive can-do attitude is a quality we could all utilise to drive us to success in our careers. Her lavish lifestyle sees her donning designer brands like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana, setting an extremely high standard of workplace fashion. While her pieces wouldn’t resonate for all industries, she certainly makes bold fashion statements and overall showcases how important it is to present yourself well in a work environment.

Between a break up with her American boyfriend, falling for her apartment neighbour who has a girlfriend, and her bold ideas that get her noticed at work, many viewers are in Louvre with the life Emily leads.


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