How Machine Learning and AI are impacting the way we Work

July 22, 2019

Words by  Shakeel Ahmed

In our digital age, escaping from technology has become almost impossible. From a technological aspect, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the hottest and rapid emerging fields of today which are playing a crucial role in how we work. 

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact and jobs in various sectors like transportation, agriculture, education, health, business and banking is thinkable. Undoubtedly, it is affecting on jobs, the most common example is fully automated vehicles on roads. According to Gartner

hype cycle, it is predicted that by the end of 2020, AI will replace around 1.8 Million people with its intelligent agents, however, it also suggests 2.3 million new jobs will be introduced having net gain of 500,000 new jobs.

The question centers around that how companies can execute AI in their workplace that will improve their productivity and skillset of their employees without replacing human labor? As every picture has both dark side and bright side, AI is of no exception here. On one side, it is taking over workforce in robots hands yet in limited scope like software which driverless cars 

cannot turn on the lights in your home while on other side, it is generating new jobs like data scientist, data analyst, data mining engineers, data scrapping, robot trainers, and programmers who write and test new algorithms to minimise physical work and improve results.

As technology is changing rapidly and becoming vital need of today, it is certain that ongoing learning and eager to develop new skills specially IT skills will likely be an important need for all employees to sustain their jobs irrespective of their field or responsibilities.


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