Less Is More

Words by Michael Duong

We live in a world where we are spoiled for choice, from the food we eat to the friends we make. Having a number of choices can lead to confusion around what life means to us. In that hunt for meaning, many climb social ladders, build careers or buy material objects. But these can be distractions from the things that are important to us.

Focus on the things which add value

Instead of allowing yourself to be overcome by too much choice, focus on the things which add value to your life. For you, this might mean building relationships with friends or a mentor or developing a personal style that is fresh and unique to you. We must learn to build strong personal relationships and

Don’t lose sight of what’s important

care for those who will take care of our long-term success and happiness. Over-consumption can have a long-term effect on our well-being. Don’t lose sight of the things that are truly important, or you may find trap yourself in cycles of loneliness, poor-health and self-destruction.

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