Making a Move for your Career

October 6, 2019

Words by Nora Seneviratne | Image Credit John Kellerman

Over the past decade, I have moved 24 times – to different homes in the same city, different cities, states, countries and even continents. I never planned to move that often, but it was my full intention to be open to opportunities and to follow them.

I can make anywhere feel like home because of the mindset I have towards change. I believe that home is where you make it and that with an explorer mindset, you can flip any fear of the

unknown into an exciting adventure.  For me, there is a sense of freedom and a fresh start that comes with moving to a new place. There are new restaurants and bars to try, new sights to see, new people to meet, new opportunities to make and a new path to pave.

I have also learned so much about myself by being stretched outside my comfort zone. Learning to be comfortable with my own company at restaurants or when travelling, being confident to start a conversation with a stranger and being vulnerable enough to let new people into my world quickly.

It is also very liberating how little ‘stuff’ you actually need. Every time I move, I go through everything I own and decide if it still serves me. Does it spark joy (as Marie Kondo would say)? If it doesn’t, I clear it out. I donate clothes and shoes to charity and I sell any furniture I no longer need.

You too, can make a move for your career. All it takes is a can-do attitude (some savings or a job to go to certainly makes for a softer landing).

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