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Order-In: 5 Health Conscious Office Catering Alternatives

July 30, 2019

Words by Karina Robson | Image credit Order-In

When you think of office catering, your mind may turn straight to the classics; lines of finger
sandwiches, spirals of wraps and a platter of sugary pastries.

Tried and tested and now its official, we love  Order-In because there are so many healthier (and yummier!) options available, including a bunch of different cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes:

1 DIY Poke Bowl Bar

Originally from Hawaii, Poke bowls are on trend and with good reason. From being able to pick your base, protein and flavour combinations, these nutritious bowls are tasty and healthy options for any style of function.

2 Vietnamese

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your office event but want to keep things healthy, just say Vietnamese, please! High-quality and fresh Vietnamese dishes make for an impressive way to freshen up your meeting menu.

3 Salad buffet

Don’t fret, this is a level up from your classic leafy greens and vinaigrette. From hearty salads and
cous cous with Mediterranean vegetable mixes, or spuds with your choice of toppings, there’s
something satisfying for every taste.

4 Grazing platters

Perfect for staff drinks or a client meeting, graze on fresh vegetables,

wholesome dips, cheeses, cured meats and lots of fresh fruit. Refreshing and delightful!

5 Noodle boxes

A grab and go healthy lunch option and a fantastic way to feed people quickly. These individual
boxes have tonnes of flavours to choose from and make clean up a breeze.

Whether you’re ordering food for the office, an event or celebration, you don’t need to compromise
on nutrition for a great menu. Order-In delivers on quality and variety, every time #hereconomyhealth

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