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Slack: A Better Way to Work

November 12, 2019

Words by Stephanie Lau | Image Credit Slack

The way we live, work and relate to one another has dramatically changed thanks to technology. We have access to more digital tools than ever before so it begs the question: which tools improve productivity and are enjoyable to use? For me, that tool is Slack.

Slack is a collaboration platform where the people you need, the information you share and the tools you use come together. More than 12 million people actively use Slack daily to replace email and connect the apps they use everyday into one place so they don’t need to context switch.

Slack transforms collaboration and communication by moving from email communication to channels. Users can create channels for teams, projects or social discussions. Slack is also great for personal use. Outside of work I use Slack with my husband to help us stay on top of things with channels such as #budget, #food, #finances, #holidays, and #diary. If you’re new to Slack,

you can try it here. Here’s my top 5 Slack tips and tricks:

1 Start creating channels: channel can be based on key topics or people that you communicate with. Start with broad channels, for example:

– Departments: #marketing, #finance, #hr

– Announcements: #announcements-melbourne

– Projects: #proj-spring-campaign, #proj-website-redesign

– Culture: #lgbti, #diversity-inclusion, #our-values

2 Create standard channel prefixes so channels are organised and easy to navigate. This helps people know which channel to go to to share information, ask questions or find information.

3 Use apps in Slack: what makes Slack unique is its ability to integrate apps you use everyday into one place. 

You can try the following:

Bring emails into Slack: no one likes long email chains or forgetting to hit ‘reply all’ so why not bring these emails into a Slack channel. Slack can connect with Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.

– Connect your Outlook or Gmail calendar to get event reminders and a daily schedule without needing to leave Slack

– Easily share files in Slack from OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive

4 Slack can be your virtual assistant allowing you to set reminders for yourself, others or a team. Simply type /remind in the Slack message bar to try it out.

5 Download the Slack desktop and mobile app for you to communicate on the go

Give Slack a try and say goodbye to constantly switching between email, instant messages, text messages and Skype calls to get work done! To see more of Her Economy’s Expert Opinion visit here.

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