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Style Notes: A place to buy and sell pre-loved Luxury Workwear

December 11, 2019

Words by Stephanie Vigilante | Image credit  Second  Female 

Fast fashion is destroying the planet. More and more fashion retailers are producing on-trend garments at an affordable price and its leading to a saturated market as well as causing problems with an increased amount of clothing ending up in landfill.

More recently, retailers are becoming aware of their environmental footprint and so ethical and sustainable fashion is on the rise. At Style Notes, we are committed to decreasing the amount of discarded clothing by joining the sharing economy.

Style Notes is a place to extend the life of clothing and accessories by providing more accessibility, affordability and suitability to luxury workwear. We curate a work-wardrobe of luxury wear

where you can buy and sell preloved clothing, shoes and accessories. By joining the share economy, Style notes focuses on waste reduction, community engagement and encouragement to make more ethical and sustainable work-wear choices.

How it works:

Shop and sell shoes, bags accessories and clothing through Her Style Notes’ Instagram, Facebook Group, and Carrousel shop.

Items listed must have an original retail price of $150 or more. They must be in good condition with minimal signs of wear. All items are reviewed to ensure authenticity.

Once approved, Style Notes will provide a recommended price and keep it on consignment for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of nine 

months. The seller of the item will receive 60 per cent of the sale, with five per cent of each sale will be donated to a chosen charity.  Looking to step up your work wardrobe or have pre-loved luxury work-wear to give a new home?

Come join Style Notes and buy, sell and donate with others. Lighter on your purse and the planet. Don’t forget to tag us #hereconomystyle  

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