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Summer is Almost Here: Join Melbourne’s ClassPass Instructors of the Year 2018 & 2017

November 14, 2019

Words by Claudia Lim Zhi | Image Candy Chapel Street

Everything at Core Candy Chapel Street is designed to let you become the best version of yourself. It’s joy, love, empowerment and it’s your community.  It’s home to Melbourne’s Best Instructors, as voted by ClassPass users in 2018 and 2017. We spoke to Anna Martin, the Owner of one of Chapel Street’s most stylish studios.

Core Candy Chapel Street has been keeping people fit and healthy for the past 5 years, with the past 18 months under Anna’s direction creating the current and exciting 2.0 version of the original Core Candy.

HE: Tell us, how did you get into Barre and did you grow up a dancer?

AM: Yes I grew up as a dancer and then dance teacher. I’ve always had a passion for movement and movement to music. My passion for Pilates (and subsequently Barre) was ignited following a dance injury when I was training full-time, and I’ve never looked back since.

HE: What inspired you to own a studio?

AM:  I wanted to bring my passion into a business and to create something bigger than merely my own teaching of classes – a place where clients could come and always feel welcome and encouraged, get fitter and stronger and walk out feeling a more confident, empowered version of themselves.

HE: Why do you think women are becoming more health conscious and

making working out a priority before or after work?

AM: I think women have always been aware that exercise is good for them, but we like to think the motivation to workout is increasingly about feeling great and getting stronger, rather than merely just the aesthetic benefits.  

HE: What are the benefits of Barre, Pilates, Boxing and HIIT?  

AM: All of them are great forms of exercise, for different reasons. As a Pilates instructor first and foremost, the workouts I create – and encourage my trainers to create – are core-centric and functional. So our workouts train you to get stronger from the inside out, and each of the exercises we set has a specific purpose – rather than just being about movement for the sake of it. Our Boxing and HIIT classes add cardiovascular elements to this training.

HE: What makes Core Candy Chapel Street different from other fitness studios all over Melbourne?

AM: Our workouts are bespoke and individualised, with maximum 12 in a class – rather than generic and mass-produced to a group of anonymous faces. Our instructors are all hand-picked and bring their own unique flavour and style.

We are all about creating community and encouraging self-belief and empowerment at Core Candy Chapel Street. We want each of our clients to leave feeling a better, stronger, more confident version of themselves -regardless of where they 

are at in their fitness journey.

HE: Our Founder Ashlee is a fan of your Barre class and thinks it’s the best in Melbourne. Other than the amazing studio what makes this barre experience better than others? 

AM: That’s so great to hear! *blushes* I think it’s a combination of choosing great music, and then intentionally pairing certain tracks with certain exercises, in a meaningful way. And of course having the music loud! I love what I do and I love moving to music, so I guess this passion just translates into the experience clients get in my class.

HE: Where do you hope to see Core Candy Chapel Street in 5 years? 

AM: Smashing out boutique fitness experiences but continuing to evolve with new classes and styles. Hopefully with a few more locations around Australia too (stay tuned!)

Summer is almost here, so if you’re looking to get into shape or take the time to refresh and destress in style, we are excited to share that Core Candy Chapel Street will be giving Her Economy readers an exclusive 15% off your very first class(es) purchase. Simply follow @hereconomy & @corecandyfitness on Instagram and enter hereconomy at checkout when purchasing via the Core Candy Chapel Street website www.corecandy.com.au. Offer is Valid until 6th December 2019.

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