Connecting Employee & Customer Experience

July 30, 2019

Words by Hasham Khan | Image credit An Organised Life

A positive customer experience (CX) has become an expectation in the way we consume today. The last best experience we have anywhere, is the least expectation of future experiences everywhere. From paying our bills to the way we order our food, we expect an experience that empowers us at an individual level, which predicts our needs and is empathetic by design. A good CX isn’t a luxury add-on anymore; it’s the minimum expectation from any business.

But if an experience led model with the customer at the heart of the organization is nothing new. Then why is it that some companies do it better than others? The answer lies early on in the value chain – before we touch our customers at all: an employee experience (EX) led organisation. The future of work.

Employees are your number one Brand Ambassadors

The top companies in the business world today are no strangers to providing their employees with great experiences. At Google, employees receive napping pods

to recharge, Canva gourmet meals prepared by an in-house Chef, while Netflix provides their employees with unlimited parental leave. In turn, employees become brand advocates for their work places. And with every customer interaction, they sell the brand promise in an authentic way.

Employee Experience translates to Competitive Advantage

Employees are the new customers. The best companies leverage positive employee experiences into a competitive advantage. In part they do so by attracting the most talented workers that are committed to the organisation. This should not be too surprising, for decades business leaders have lived by the mantra “look after your employee and they will look after your business”. And in an increasingly casualised workforce, where Millenials are said to change careers every four years – designing a competitive EX will be key to survival.

Positive EX drives positive CX

The concept behind this is simple – positive employee experience translate

into positive customer experiences which leads to an increase in shareholder value.A reinforcing cycle. Therefore, culture is key for thriving Employee Experiences. But what does an employee experience led organisation mean for organisations, and where does one begin?

Autonomy over policy

Expect leadership styles to become increasingly transformational, one that causes change in individuals and social systems. The future of work is one where each employee is a leader in their own right: autonomy is key. One where their actions are not driven by policy and procedure but rather than their personal alignment to a company’s values.

A want and need to explore, question and push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. This will be reinforced by their physical environment, policy, procedure and technology. As customers expect increasingly anticipatory, empathetic and human experiences, keeping the employee experience at the heart of a service culture will be key to survival.

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