4 Easy Ways to Manage Your Time Like a Boss

October 23, 2019

Words by Reema Akhtar | Image Credit Olivia Palermo

Twenty-four hours passes by too quickly, am I right? Time and again we find ourselves failing to complete tasks and objectives at the assigned time. We promise to be better each time, just to fail again next week. The struggle doesn’t end until you find a better way to manage your time. Therefore, I’m going to share with you a quick and easy sorting technique that has helped me organise my office tasks and get more things done. 

It is a simple tool that involves sorting tasks into one of the four quadrants:

1 Critical & Urgent (Do now): The key focus for tasks like emergencies, catastrophes or deadlines should be to manage them immediately. Don’t wait or put them off, they are best dealt with in this instant.

2 Critical & Not urgent (Do later): The key focus for preparation/ relationship development types of tasks should be to prioritise them as much as possible. You must try to bring your items from the to-do list in this quadrant to achieve long terms goals and spend your time primarily in this  quadrant.

3 Not Critical but Urgent (Do now): The key focus for these types of tasks should to reduce it as much as possible

Check for the unnecessary (emails/meetings) and remove the distractions.

4 Not Critical & Not urgent (Do later):  Activities like scrolling through Instagram, sending out birthday invites and watching cat videos on YouTube fall under this category. These types of tasks should be to put it into the repository. Do in the non-productive hours or outsource them to the experts. Spend more time doing critical tasks.

By ranking your tasks in terms of importance, you’re able to prioritize them better and manage your time more wisely. Click here to learn our top 3 tips to build real wealth.

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