Who is Her?

Born in Nagpur, India, and raised in Perth, Australia, I, as many do, made my way to one of the world’s most liveable cities: Melbourne. Following an exciting career opportunity, what was waiting for me was the beginning of a much bigger adventure. 

Adjusting to a new city and throwing myself into my professional work at a leading global management consulting firm, any sense of work-life balance was far from reality.

I began searching for an online business journal that would offer me some advice and cover all my interests from tech, design and finance, to lifestyle, health, wellness and, of course, fashion. However, I quickly realised there was no such publication – online or IRL – so, I created my own.

Her Economy is a platform designed to educate, engage and empower the career-minded woman who’s always on the move through expert opinion, lifestyle, wellness, money, tech, food, style and beauty news. It’s a platform dedicated to sharing the ideas, collaborations and design concepts in the hopes of assisting like-minded women.

My Personal Economy

With a Bachelor in Psychology, Criminology & Justice and a Masters in Human Resource Management, my work is consistently prompting me to ask questions around HR, tech, product and change management, employee experience and workplace wellness.

With an interest in tech and gadgets for as long as I can remember, my fascination with the Internet of Things (IoT), coding, design and content curation has enabled me to become equal parts blogger and coder.

But Her Economy isn’t all about work. 

Our content is also driven towards style-minded individuals. Favouring instinct over fashion trends and value pieces that are both sentimental and timeless, personally as a minimalist, I prefer subtle tones and delicate fabrics, styles that are soft, neutral and intentional. 

While my professional life is incredibly rewarding, I also value my playtime just as much. Free time is a luxury and my spare moments are spent exploring the city, meeting new and interesting people, fine-tuning my ballet technique or sipping tea while reading LinkedIn, Time, Fast Company and Vogue. 

My hope for this platform is to curate a space for women to feel valued, empowered and intelligent, while providing a means for women to have a voice and to exercise greater control over their careers. 

Her Economy Founder

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