You Can’t Sit With Us

February 21, 2019

Words by  Thomas Adams | Image Credit Paramount Pictures

“Sorry, but not the right cultural fit”.

The most popular buzzwords right now for discriminatorily rejecting your carefully crafted application, intentionally or not.

What the Recruiter or Hiring Manager is really trying to say is “I don’t think I will like (working with) you” or in some cases of senior leadership and management roles “I am worried you will replace me”. 

My concern?

It’s the corporate equivalent to “You can’t


sit with us”. And although your name may not be Regina and nor are you wearing sweatpants on a Monday – you most certainly are a victim to an organisations false culture built on the individual bias of the person sitting opposite you – if you’ve managed to make it this far.

And while the organisations culture is not actually made up of high-school social cliques from yester-year (never mind).. it certainly isn’t an organic one from hiring the right people with the right skills and experience. 

My advice?

Know the culture you wish to join but be flexible enough to let the right hiring manager re-define your expectations. Ask yourself what attracted me to this organization in the first place and how can I showcase this throughout the hiring process. 

Having this blended approach to knowing what you want, and how to ask for it is looking for a seat at the table but more importantly knowing if you want to actually sit there.


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