Educated Girls run the World

Words by Cassie Hoepner   Image  Adut Akech

Even in 2020 there are girls all around the world who are exposed to gender-based violence,

child marriages and prostitution, period shaming and denied the human right of education, with over 130 million girls of school age who are not able to attend school.

The International Day of the Girl aims to break down the barriers for girls in developing nations to receive an education, as educated girls can break the poverty cycle and could be key in reducing vulnerability to climate change. Educated women invest 90% of their income back into their families, with their income increasing 10-25% for every year they stay in school.  A girl gaining education has a ripple effect throughout her family and the entire community.

Educated girls are able to make informed decisions about family planning, pass their education onto their children, better support their family’s health through improved income and break the cycle of poverty that would have continued without this education.

This education also uplifts the entire community as women and girls are more likely to remain within their community and use their education to give back. More importantly education gives girls and voice and a choice of what they want their futures to look like.

If you would like to support International Day of the Girl and the education of at risk girls globally, you can take part in the One Girl Do it in a dress challenge to raise funds to support girls education in Uganda and Sierra Leone here  #InternationalDayoftheGirl

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